Tuesday, March 22, 2011


All the civilization is survived because of the core believer of the civilization. They are the root factor in the existence of the any civilization. We have only two oldest civilization exists today. One is Hindu and second is Chinese. Both civilization are survived even after many external attacks time by time because of the person who carry the religious base to one generation to another generation.

Western culture attracts Indian most. Every 5th Indian in India wants to go to western countries. Indian are truly adjustable people in the world. Indian can live in any circumstances and in any situation. Indian believe in "JESA DESH VESA BHESH". Means, we believe that if we want to live in USA, we must be like them.

Now, coming to the effects of the attraction to the western culture, our people are loosing their originality. We are changing our cloths, getup and thoughts according to western culture. We are not opposing the adoption of good things of the western culture. We want to resist the blind adoption of everything. Slowly in our mind and heart the dishonor toward our own tradition is developed. We are ignoring our basic tradition.

In the name of the modernization we are feeling ashamed to follow our tradition. If this continues for 100 more years, there will be a time when our children will learn that there were a Hindu Civilization in ancient India.

If somebody is taking about Hindu Civilization than all intellectual people get together to oppose him.

We must not forget that the HINDU is not a religion. Its a living style. A living style which is very closer to the nature. Hindu life stye believe in live and let live. Unlike others, Hindus believe in worship of Natural Gods like Air, Fire, Water etc...

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